Friday, 16 August 2013

Raising Money for Charity: Need of the hour

Charity, the word rings a nice feeling to the heart. The ability of a person to help the
needy goes beyond any favor that a person can do for another. Charity is considered to be one of the highest good deeds that a person can do in his or her life time. Philanthropy is a word that is gaining high popularity in the world today. With the advent growth of the internet, the whole world is at ones palm. Any news with regards to poverty or disastrous events reaches the people with immediate effect. In recent events, the massive floods that ripped apart the upper state of India, Uttharakand has made many people across the whole world to come forward and raise money for charity. When these kinds of events happen the people get awakened and provide money for charity on their own, but what happens on a regular day. How to raise money for charity when no catastrophic event has occurred is a very big challenge in the world today. Let us look into few of possible options available for raising funds.
Online Fund raising page: This is the most simplest and easy way for a person to create a stream to raise money for charity. The link could be sent across to many people easily via mails and social sites. The money is collect via electronic transfer. The outline for the charity is to be clearly mentioned. Only draw back is that any normal donor would be suspicious about the authenticity of the website.
Selling of products: Various products which range from home made chocolates to
accessories could be sold at a little higher price. All the money earned from it could be leashed out to the charitable trust. Stalls could be put in highly popular areas in the city and the charity work could be explained out neatly to customers via the use of stage plays.Holding an Auction: The concept of auctioning of products is the most effective way to raise money for charity. Services such as washing the car and laundry service for a week could be offered to the individual who bids at the highest price. The money obtained would go to charity. But the main difficulty in such auction is to find the right place to hold one and invite the interested bidders.
Sponsored events: If a particular candidate is sponsored by any firm, the concept to raise money for charity is an easier path. It just involves sporting any clothes that invoke the interest of the sponsors. The sponsors mostly are interested in sporting events which has wider audience. So it is wise to organize a marathon or sports related tournaments and initiate an entry fee. This could be used for charity.If a person is determined to raise money for charity, then they have numerous ways to do so. But getting the mere idea to generate money for the needy goes a long way in describing the goodness of the individual.

Government Grants in Australia: Helps you to get Funds for your New Business

Government grants Australia is also separated region wise to ensure more precision. Let us take an example of ACT government grants. They have a separate website which gives the details of all the grants currently available. The grants are usually given in two main categories namely health and community and city and territory grants. Almost all the grants sub categories are placed in either of the two main divisions. Clear and specific details about the project, grant limits and grants writing address is given. The grants available are of vast categories. Each separate section has it own limits and advantages. The money which is at stake depends upon the nature of the project.

When a business is to be started, it is of high importance that the funds be available at ease. One of the major hurdles that any one faces while establishing a business is the ability to generate funds. How useful it would be, if the government of the country helps out the citizens in establishing one by giving grants.  Grants are generally defined as those funds which are given by the government agency or any other funding system to
grant seekers. Usually a grant is issued by the use of grant writing, which is similar to a proposal or an invite for the fund donors.
The grants given by the government are more reliable than the private ones obtained.The grant writing process could be an exhaustive one depending on the country. Rules and regulation change for each and every country to issue grants in accordance to the constitution. Now let us take a brief look into the government grants Australia.
Australian government provides grants in various formats for the citizens. The process of application of such grants is also an easy and simple process. Clear and organized websites are available which gives a detailed outline about the government grants Australia. It is categorized into various sections and each section is detailed out with the available grants for it. They are also categorized location wise as well, in order to make
the stream line process of funding easier. The category of government grants in Australia ranges right from agriculture to education, government to health. Let us take an example of agricultural grants to have a
deeper insight. Carbon farming initiative and Australian government drought assistance are few of the grants available at stake. The carbon farming initiative invokes the farmers to reduce the emission of harmful gases and in turn get grants for it.  The drought assistance seeks out individuals who are willing to take the initiative of reducing the drought occurrence. Grant writings are to be sent to the respective department to avail the grants.
Bigger the advent result of the project, bigger would be the grants commissioned for it. Government grants Australia is highly organized and easily obtainable if proper writings and purpose are sent. They do not limit the category for which the grants are given but provide a way for all who are interested and with quality suggestions.

Fund Raising: How do you get it done?

One of the most intriguing question that arises when some one is short of money to
do something is how do we get the money. The question creates confusion in many
people minds as to what are the available options which could invoke funds in a neat
and efficient way. How ever the type of fund raising and its level is determined by the
reason for which the funds are to be raised. If the funds are to be raised for school related
purposes, ideas generating smaller fund would suffice the necessity.  Let us take a look
into few of the usual yet best fundraising ideas which are used on a regular basis.
Auctioning: This is the basic and best fundraising ideas to raise money for ones
purpose. The primary idea is to sell products or service at a higher price tag and make
profit out of it. The service and products are usually offered to potential fund donors. It is
the most simplest and efficient way to enhance ones funds.
Sale of goods: Usually a garage sale is done in the sub urban to raise funds. This is a
concept where old used products of the house hold are sold to buyers. The profits got
from the sale can be used for other purposes.
Marathon events: Sports events are the pick of the day these days. It’s easy to organize
a sports event and collect funds from it. A marathon would involve lot of participants. A
small entrance fee from each would ensure that sufficient amount of funds are generated.
This idea could be ventured out into conducting other events such as cricket tournament,
foot ball tournament and poker tournament.
Concert and dance -a -thon: One can pool in all the talent available for creating a
concert. The collection of money could be done from the audience as ticket or any other
form. Else organize an all day dance event, gathering interested entrants and charge
appropriate fees from them.
Go Green: With the increase in awareness of the green initiative, it’s easy to invoke
interest in people to join in the movement. Initiate an event where various shows,
exhibition and other activities are held in accordance to the green initiative. Funds raised
from the entry could be used for enhancing the pristine nature as well.
Fund raising event: One of the best fundraising ideas is to organize an event where
all the potential donors are invited and a clear presentation of the project in hand is done.
This would ensure that the interested parties would give sufficient funds to start up withthe project in a grand scale.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Online Funding Websites: An Brief Overview

A dream project is one which is quite often remains in dreams only. This is because
most of the dreams doesn’t have the correct platform or funds to come in to reality. The
amount of money required initiating a project or a business idea is quite often very huge.
Generating such amounts is not an easy task and it requires high level of patience and
perseverance to obtain the path towards success. Online funding websites is one of the
ideas that are gaining popularity in the world today. It is a concept where the individual
or company with the business proposition would display the idea in a public forum and
the investors or donor would come in contact with the person if they feel that the idea is
good enough to get the returns.
What does the Online funding websites do? This is a question that arises in the minds of
all the people who come across the term. The concept is very simple. The idea which is
created or generated by an individual is put across in the website. This idea usually goes
through a screening process which determines its authenticity and its potential to attract
customers. Once the screening process is done and if the idea is good, it is put across
to a forum where the investors can have a look into the idea. The initial outline of the
business is to be laid out in a neat and organized manner. The quality of the plan would
invite many investors and make them interested. The future of the business investments
can also be ascertained if the initial plan is a success and the investors are happy.
One of the great advantages of the online funding websites is that the reach of the idea
is very high. The concept is laid across to millions of investors at once. Thus making the
probability of getting an investor a more likely chance than the traditional way. Another
major advantage is that the effort made by the individual is less and he or she can focus
on other critical aspects of the business while the idea is speaking for itself amongst
investors. The money could be raised from multiple investors at once. This makes sure
that the funds are never short and the initiation or expansion of the business can be done
in full flow.
There are disadvantages associated with the online funding websites as well. One of
the major cons is that, since it is online the authenticity of the project is quite often
doubted and the investors are little skeptical in their approach.
The individual who are
exhibiting their ideas online may also be little worried for the fact that the ideas could be
stolen and be used by other competitors in the field. Thus it requires a highly secure and
standardized website medium to ensure proper channel is provided between the investors
and budding entrepreneurs. Thousands of websites are available but only few would be in
accordance to the necessity of the entrepreneur. It is up to them to choose wisely.

Small Business Funding in Australia: A Quick and Crucial GuidanceSmall Business Funding in Australia: A Quick and Crucial Guidance

Funding is the primary problem for every upcoming business opportunities. This is
a world wide problem. The ability to generate funding for the growth or initiation of
a business is a barricade which most often stops the flow. Small business requires a
certain amount of capital to flourish. If the fund is obtained with the help of the country
government, it would act as a boon for the entrepreneurs. This is because the interest
rates which the government provide for the funding is very less in comparison to the
outside private firms. There are also opportunities for the small business to grab loa
offers which do not require the repayment.
Small business Funding Australia has variety of streams to it. One of the major
paths is the government based funding. The Australian government provides funds for
small business which is either about to start or expand into a new horizon soon. The
scale to which the funds are given varies in accordance to the type of business. The
requirement set by the government has to be met by the small business in order to avail
the funds. The government Australia specifies the limit on the amount of employees to be
employed in the new venture. The salary of the employees is also quite often determined
by the government. By establishing such thresholds, the government ensures that the
economic nature of the country is also sustained simultaneously. Small business funding
Australia could be availed for various purposes. This could range from invoking the
resources and office supplies to purchase of machinery to run the factory.
Small business Funding Australia by the government has a very strict guideline which
has to be met in all aspects for the idea to be taken into consideration for a free loan.
The competition is very high and would require a quality project to avail the loan. The
time that the loan takes to each the person could range from a month to couple of years
depending on the urgency and the nature of the business. Quite often the loans are
given to the already existing business and its expansion. Other opportunities outside the
government based grants are also available for the citizens of Australia.
The options range from angel investors to venture capitalist. Angel investors are those
who initiate a small business by providing the sufficient funds to get it started. The
venture capitalists are those who show interest into the business once it’s established firm
in its roots. The amount of money generated could be huge. But the draw back of such
small business funding Australia is that private lenders would invoke more interest and
as well as a part of the business stock itself.
Government based loans and grants are the best option available for the small business in
Australia. The range of loans varies from state to state as well. The only draw back is the
tough competition to get the loan. But if the initial hard work is done by the business, it
can ensure eminent success in its future.

Crowd Funding: Ray of Hope

Crowd Funding: Ray of Hope If a question is raised to anyone as to whether they have an idea for starting a business, most of them will say yes. But the conversion into reality dies mostly due to lack of funds. In recent times, these problems have been reduced due to various top crowdfunding sites which give the platform for the business developers to exercise their new ideas and create a business out of it. Crowd funding sites: What does it mean? The term “crowd funding sites” involves the usage of funding given by a different group of people who would be interested in the idea that is being proposed in the site. One would actually feel that it is a donation that has been sugar coated with a word called crowd funding, but that is not the case. The fund providers may be allowed a small stock of the project as well if required. On a usual basis of these websites, the initial sign up would be free and they will be charged only when the funds have been raised for the All the top crowdfunding sites do not provide the same type of services, each are unique in their own way. Some provide options for all type of ideas to shine where as certain sites are stream lined in to developing only a few types of projects. Never the less the basic concept of funding the projects is the same. Let us now look at certain top crowd funding sites and their features in a brief. KickStarter: This site is considered to be one of the leading sites in the world for crowd funding today. They provide funds for wide range of genres but for project which are created with a social cause or any charitable intent. Nearly thousands of projects are initiated every minute. The process is simple; the user signs in and uploads the project and details. A crew is assigned to accept or reject the idea. They charge about 5% for any Crowd rise: They believe in dealing with projects which involve issues in the real world. These range from education to poverty and from animal welfare to environment concerns. They also provide ways for personal concerns as well. The point system ensures that the fund givers are given their share of respect and each high donor would be specially mentioned which would lead to instant popularity. Pledge Music: This is a specialized fund raising site for music related projects alone.

It is often difficult to raise money for an artist who is aspiring to shine in the industry. This gives a very good platform for the artist to gain funds. As usual, the fund givers are rewards in accordance to the amount the fund. They collect 15% of fund raised. Like this, many top crowd funding websites are available at stake for the dreamers to dream big. More stream lined websites such as appbackr, sell band and others raise funds for a particular genre of projects. The advent problem of lack of money is becoming a lesser burden due to these top crowd funding sites.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Government grants Australia

Federally funded grant programs by the Australia government are available for all kinds of sectors. Individuals, businesses and various other institutions may tender their application to the relevant government unit so as to access these funds. Nowhere has the impact of government grants Australia program been so pronounced than in the small business sector where the Australian government has allocated as much as $3.5 billion to give small businesses a bump. So pronounced has been funding that SMEs and startups now rely on government grants Australia to meet as much as 80% of their funding needs. Apart from the small business sector government grants Australia are also common in the education sector, renewable energy sector, industry, transportation and the arts. They help strengthen these sectors by injecting a great deal of innovation and vitality necessary to improve the competiveness of the Australian economy in the global marketplace.
In the small business sector where government grants play a very key role, businesses are able to cut back on their reliance on the traditional lenders and their ultra high interest rates. Funding is one of the biggest challenges for small business which are always penalized by financial institutions due to the high risks involved. Small businesses are very volatile and tend to have very volatile income streams. The smaller business, the greater the risk and the higher the interest rates at which it will have to borrow from the financial intermediaries.  The government grants Australia do therefore fill a huge gap and SMEs and startups need to take advantage of these.
There are several areas of small business operations which these government grants Australia programs do support. For example, small businesses can use these grants to finance business risk insurance, business renovations, business expansion, payment for training, mentorship services and trade fairs. The government grants Australia program may also be applied in advertising and marketing, funding equipment, research and development, new business startups, feasibility studies, import and export assistance,  purchase and many other business financing needs. They are perfectly suited for entrepreneurs and helps wean them from long term costly debt particularly in the initial stages of the business.
There are many types of government grants that businesses can pursue in Australia. These include non payable grants for businesses, wage subsidies for small businesses, low interest loans,
consulting services and venture capital. Eligible entrepreneurs can submit an application directly to the relevant government departments for government grants Australia funding programs. There are numerous sites that offer excellent advice on how you can apply for these grant programs. A good place where you may begin digging up information is the Australia grants government portal at but there are countless other websites where you can find up to date information on government grants Australia.  It is however important to watch out for websites which ask you to pay to access grants. If you are unfamiliar with the whole process of applying  for grant it is important to contract a professional so as to increase your chances of success when applying  for the grant.